Analysis Of Future Talk Blog

"FutureTalk" blog was created to get students’ feedback of the series of long-term planning forums that took place this semester and last at the American University in Cairo (AUC). It was meant to reach students who weren’t able to attend physically these meetings. Then after, it expanded to pose questions that ask for students’ opinions in the decision making process in the form of “Question of the Week”, in such cases, about the Alum’s role and further initiation in the AUC community, how to increase departments’ communication with one another…etc.

“FutureTalk” is created on blogspot, a blogging interface empowered by Google. One does not know the extensiveness of the widgets offered on blogspot, however, there does not to seem a lot of interactive devices on the "FutureTalk" blog, lessening the appeal for the audience to interact in discussion. Comments on the “Question of the Week” posts are minimal, but seem to impart efficient information and ideas. There are only eight posts on the blog, two of which present the AUC much-propagated strategic goals. “FutureTalk” blog does not have a separate Home page for introductions, however, there is a published e-mail in which students could use/contact for direct communication, and response to their ideas.

Regulators of the “FutureTalk” blog, surprisingly did not post feedback from the planning forums, which were already sent out on the Provost circulation e-mails to all student. The blog advertises a new website where one can read about “up-to-date information here, including publications, memos, budgetary guidelines, timelines, and strategic plans across the university,” but yet no sign of the feedback.

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