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Al Quds Club is the Palestinian representative club in AUC. In addition to being a figurehead for the Palestinian cause, it is also the mediator in AUC, allowing anyone who is interested to learn more about Palestine's culture, tradition and history. Members of Al Quds Club are allowed the opportunity to partake in weekly debates providing them with lots of insight on issues related to Palestine, as well as numerous documentary and film screenings, along with first-hand accounts from the Palestinian students at AUC. And while the club is exclusive to AUC students, most of the events held by it are open for anyone interested in attending them. The aim of this club is to raise awareness on the Palestinian cause and provide up-to-date information on the current events happening in Palestine, particularly Jerusalem. Al Quds club also offers students the chance to learn the Palestinian traditional dance, the Dabkah.
As such, Al Quds Club defines itself not simply as a cultural mediator, but as an activist group as well, fighting to spread awareness about the situation in Palestine both historically and in terms of current events. Al Quds Club also holds sit-ins during significant events in Palestine, in order to inform students and teachers alike about these events as well as the cause.
Furthermore, digital media plays an important role for Al Quds Club. Much of the information about the Quds Club event is disseminated online, through email and a Facebook Group. The group is present for people to ask questions, post interesting information they want to share or read about our club. The club also announces to the AUC community about our events through the AUC emails, as well as posting the events on the AUC online calendar. But more importantly, the Facebook group serves as a constant reminder of Al Quds Club events, and a way to reach people who otherwise have not heard of Al Quds Club. Thus, while Al Quds Club does not have a website, it is heavily dependent on online media in order to promote itself and the cause.

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