Activism On Social Local Issues At Auc

Through this experience of exposing myself to the different issues of social development like: clean-ups, refugees, safety of driving, the environment, and fighting disease I learnt that inspite AUC's extracurricular clubs' activism, there is still a long way to go in Egypt. However, their activism cannot be undermined. But for the purpose of this wiki, I am neither testing the social development of Egypt, or am I testing the level of activism of AUC students. I am testing the level of the AUC Community of activism through digital rhetoric. And my findings are as follows:

While all of the clubs and conferences I talked to about their organization has in one form, or another, a branch for helping to develop Egypt. In addition, they all used digital rhetoric to enhance and spread their activism across to other people to join. However, the level of its usage and the style differs from one organization to the other. While for example, ISLC rely on digital rhetoric heavily, VIA only use it because it is A tool for their publicizing, but not their main. On the other hand, The Right Road organization which I have not seen any digital presence for them. And finally AUC, represented as a university, does use digital rhetoric and has a heavy presence online, but only through the e-mail. It is understandable that it would choose to do so, given that it is a university and it should communicate through formal means, like the emial.

Which brings us to the issue of formality and informality. Just like in real life where an indvidual, an organization, or a university likes to portray itself through a certain identity; through the use of digital rhetoric, this same entity wants to appear through the same identity. Hence, the usage of different digital mediums; choosing the one best fitting to the identity desired to be revealed. Isn't it amazing how the digital world has its own principles and norms similar to, but different as well, from real life? It is truly a second life; a second life of faster, instant communication between the author and the reader.

As for AUC, still needs more exploration of what the digital can do to enhance its activism!

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