A Software Definition

Software generally means a set of programs that perform a certain task through inserting instructions and data. According to MacMillan English Dictionary, software is defined to be the programs used by computers for doing particular jobs (5). Software tells the processor what to do to perform a certain task. Since the widespread of computers in all the fields and electronic devices used, for a task to be performed there must be installation of a certain software program. Alic John A., Miller Jameson R. and Hart Jeffrey A. explain that "Software embodies the logic of complex systems because of their near universal function" (6). Therefore, for a certain application to work in a computer there should be software that helps this application to work through. Adding this software program needs a procedure in which the software is installed and adapted to the computer to help the application to perform its tasks. By the installation of the software programs to the computers, tasks would be managed and controlled. However, due to the development in our day to day tasks and the innovation in technology, software systems need to be updated so that the older versions of the software programs will not effectively facilitate the tasks we do.

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