Social Networking Sites

In simple words Social Networking Sites (SNSs) are just web-based services that allow individuals to do a number of things which include: construct a public or semi-public profile, form a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and also view or transverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. This form of service tends to be increasingly attracting people from different fields all around the world for different purposes such as research and academic learning.

SNSs such as MySpace, Facebook, twitter, and Bebo attract million of users everyday where many of their users have became engaged in these sites as one of their daily activities. Different SNSs are designed for different purposes and for different people. Most SNSs help people with same interests to connect with one another and share their interests, their views on different political topics or any other topics.

Facebook,, and twitter are ranked the top three social networking sites in terms of popularity and usage among different people around the world. These are popular examples of social networking sites with main purpose is to digitalize the real world connections, but there are many other types of SNSs. Other SNSs would focus on wide range of categories ranging from books and music to non-profit business to motherhood as ways to provide both services and community to individuals with shared interests. Examples of such SNSs include deviantART, CafeMom, and Flixster.

One of the main advantages of these sites beside the technology and options they can offer is the number of audience that could view and become members. There is no limit to that, however some sites are open to a diverse audience population, but others only allow people either with common language or shared racial, sexual, religious, or nationality-based identities.

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