Brown, Louisa. Student faces Facebook consequences. March 6th 2008. A great example about how Facebook groups can work against students. This published piece reveals how one student in Ryerson University was punished for helping his fellow students with their college work via a Facebook group. This was deemed as cheating by the university, which consequently meant the student had to face many academic charges. Found at:

Facebook’s Negative Effects: Why Your GPA Might Plummet. A critique highlighting the negative aspects Facebook has on students, as the article wonders whether or not an increase in social activity hinders students academic performance. Available at:

Students stage Facebook protest to save jobs. February 6th 2010. Another article illustrating how students use Facebook groups. However, unlike the previous example- which was students helping out other students- this group is for the cause of the lecturers/ professors at a university (Gloucestershire), as students and staff alike joined the group to protest against the universities plan of firing lecturers in order to cut back on money. The group was called “Stop the cuts” and attracted over 1000 members. Available at:

Young, Jeffery. How Social Networking Affects the Student Life Cycle-From Applicant to Graduate. April 15th 2009. A general overview about how social networking affects students. This article focuses especially on the student life cycle, and how sites like Facebook can interject it, whether it’s in a positive or negative manner. The article also includes a Q & A on the topic, with the responders coming from different colleges. Found at:

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