1-Tools To Develop Historical Knowledge

The increasing number of available electronic material is extending the potential of essay writing and various research needs. Within this context, it is worth noting AUC’s library database (http://library.aucegypt.edu/), which serves to provide the AUC community with a reliable platform of scholarly sources.

A- The Internet Archive Project
It was founded in 1996 to serve as a permanent source of digitized historical collections for researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. The Internet Archive includes texts, audio, film clips, and “facsimiles of obscure and out-of-copyright books”. Furthermore, it is currently working on providing specific services for the needs of blind and disabled persons.

B- The Hansard Digitisation Project
It is best for British political history and is led by the Directorate of Information Services of the House of Commons and the Library of the House of Lords. It covers the period 1803-2005. It provides transcripts from Parliamentary debates which can be searched by year, speaker or keyword.

C- The Cabinet Papers Project
It is from the National Archives and it is particularly designed for use with older students. It provides comprehensive searches of papers organized by topic and theme.

D- The British Library
It provides researchers with a social perspective, as it an online archive of newspapers covering 1800-1900. It contains “millions of articles from 49 London, national and regional newspaper titles, along with thousands of illustrations, maps, tables and photographs, legal notices and advertisements. Timelines place the articles into their broader historical context”. Regarding accessibility most of the posted material is for free, yet some material requires a fee to access it.

E- The Proceedings of the Old Bailey
It is useful in researching the underbelly of society as it covers the proceedings of the Old Bailey between 1674-1913. It is the largest body of texts descriptive of the lives of non-elite people; it contains “197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court”.

F- The Britain through Time
It is best for a local history study; it provides a local perspective through its “census information, ordnance survey maps, travel writings and election results covering the period 1801-2001”. The database is searched by postcode or place name.

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