1 Glow Media Committee's definition of media, goals, and projects:

In an interview with GLOW's media committee head Heba Akef, one was able to learn more about the meaning of media, as understood by GLOW group/club members (Akef). Akef, first explains that the committee's structure (sub-committees) is functionally significant, as well as interdependent, saying that the three sub-committee divisions: Editing and shooting, Music research and development, and Research and materials "all work together. We start brainstorming about what we'll talk about." (Akef). By that, members of each sub-committee collaborate to find research materials online, check for copyrights, create their own music soundtrack, shoot bites and interviews bits for documentaries, and short movies…etc. Media essentially starts with those, as well as working with media-disseminating vehicles such as video cameras, and the video-mode on digital cameras.

Akef, further explains how pivotal the media committee is, because it is considered one of the main tracks in which the GLOW club serves its purposes. "The club is all about developing people, and creating a new culture of civically engaged people," Akef says (Akef). The media committee has previously worked on documentaries such as a 20 min long one about history of Palestine from 1987 up to the Gaza war in 2008, and a recent one about "change" in Egypt. Apart from the on-track work that the committee does to fulfill its positing as a main track for the club, the committee also makes documentaries to support secondary campaigns that the club starts. These include snap-clips called the I Glow series (that appeal to positive attitude), and another about pro-activity, or being pro-active. One of the I Glow series clips shows a male adolescent speeding, and almost hitting a pedestrian, of the same gender and age features. The pedestrian responds to the driver's verbal attacks with a peaceful gesture of raising his hand. This demonstration demands the attention of the audience or viewers, showing that the direct response of the pedestrian can ignite immediacy of positive thinking in viewers. This latter claim is what the article "Making Social Issues Relevant with Documentaries" argues, stating that a "straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is approach" brings the most effective response, especially on adolescents and students who view these types of documentaries (Wilson 51). This I Glow documentary also integrates the dangers of driving into the general framework of the documentary, putting in mind that driving calamities, more or less are borderline social issues, or impact youth on social and psycological levels in Egypt. The media committee club plays its short videos and documentaries at GLOW events, to reach out for more people, and attract more members.
The GLOW media committee, however, does not attract its media presence from other media venues such as procuring TV coverage, or making show appearances to promote GLOW, yet. This is because GLOW has only been operational for a year, but it is within GLOW's plans to contact TV stations in order to cover their events where their its documentaries/work will be shown, according to Akef (Akef).

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